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The sport of mountain biking has its epicenters of excellence — places where the word ‘progression’ really means something. The product engineering of mountain biking also has its hotspots. And few have a more interesting history and legacy than Schweinfurt, Germany.

Garmin Edge 820 review

More features than most of us will use, in a compact touchscreen GPS

Highs: Packed with features plus the ability to add third-party metrics and graphics; WiFi, Bluetooth and ANT+ means easy connection to your peripherals and quick uploads to Strava as soon as you finish your ride
Lows: Size of touchscreen hinders use compared to your smartphone or the Edge 1000, particularly when using maps for following routes; cost
Buy if: You want all the latest features but won’t rely heavily on the maps

25,000 Italians Can't Be Wrong!!!! Not about bikes anyway

OK, this is absolutely remarkable.    Italian bike magazine BDC just release the results of their reader survey and Bianchi won convincingly in three bike categories.   Endurance Bike, Climbing bike, and Aero bike!  I'm not sure when the last time Bianchi topped a magazine reader survey?  Even in Italy, but to do win in three categories this year is incredible.   See the results for each category below. 

Best Endurance Bike- Infinito CV
Best Climbing bike- Specialissima
Best Aero bike- Oltre XR4

Review: Kona Hei Hei Race DL

In many ways, this bike reminds me of a European sports car: It’s sexy, fast, handles brilliantly and gives you tingly feelings in your bits when you really ramp it up on smooth trails and push it around bermy corners.


Tester: Katherine Fuller
Age: 30 Height: 5’4″ Weight: 120 lbs. Inseam: 31”
Price: $4,200
Sizes: S, (Tested), M, L, XL
Online: Kona Bikes

Giant Reign 27.5 1 review

A heavy hitter that's ready to devour downhills
The Giant Reign 27 5 1 has a solid spec and is a ripper on the descents

Over the last couple of years, Giant’s Reign has been steadily notching up some impressive results at the Enduro World Series, while continuing to be a regular sight on the trails around the UK. LIVE: Demo a Giant 2017 road bike next February

by David Arthur @davearthur  December 6 2016 LIVE

The inaugural LIVE demo day takes place in Bath on Sunday 26 February 2017 and we’ve got some great bike brands lined up for you, including Scott, Specialized, Canyon, Cube, Giant, Rose and Ribble. 

Giant & LIV Women's Demo @ Lake Druid Park


December 10, 2016, Orlando, FL
Giant & Liv Women’s Demo @ Lake Druid Park

6-Month Test: Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0

Scorchingly fast, silly light, and more affordable than the competition, this might just be the finest race bike for the money

6-Month Test: Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0

Less costly than many other racing bikes, the Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0 may just be the bike for those who like like a more agressive ride. Photo: Jen Judge