June 20, 2011

Stolen Bike Listing

Take a BITE out of Crime

    1. Invest in the highest quality lock you can afford.  We recommend heavy-duty U-locks, heavy-gauge chains, or handcuff-style locks.
    2. Always lock your bike to a secure, fixed object.
    3. Only lock your bike in a well-lit, well-traveled area.
    4. If possible, lock your bike indoors.
    5. Avoid using quick-release skewers on wheels and saddles. Replace existing quick-releases with bolts or locking skewers.
    6. Purchase the new NBR Bike Registration Pack!  

With proper documentation you increase the odds of recovering your bicycle. You can find your serial number on the bottom of your bike where the pedals come together. Take pictures of your whole bike, you with the bike and any parts that are unique to your bike. Finally, please fill out the form below and save it and the photos for your records.

Take action
If your bicycle has been stolen: