October 23, 2009

Basic Guide to Helmets

Basic Guide to Helmets

A helmet is the most important cycling accessory, period. Ride safely and confidently by understanding the basic features, proper sizing and fit for this critical piece of gear.

Features of a Bike Helmet

Vents improve cooling by allowing air to flow through the helmet
Removable Pads absorb sweat and provide cushion for a comfortable fit. Periodically remove the pads and wash them to remove salt build up and prevent odor.
An Optional Visor included on some models shades the eyes and can protect against mud or rocks kicked up from the rider ahead.

Helmet Sizing and Fit: How to Properly Wear a Helmet

Most of today's helmets have an adjustable sizing mechanism that allows quick and easy changes to the helmet's headband.

Open the sizing band (A) all the way.
Place the helmet level on your head (B). Slowly tighten the headband (A) until it is snug but comfortable.
Adjust the straps so they meet just below your ear(C).
Once the side straps are adjusted properly, tighten the chin strap (D) to be comfortably snug.
When finished, the helmet should move no more than 1 inch in any direction and be impossible to remove from your head without unbuckling the strap.