August 5, 2010

Orlando Bike Kitchen Project

Greg Leibowitz asked me to pass along some info about a cool new project he has in the works.

The City Arts Factory (29 S Orange Ave) has invited me and several other artists to be a part of their upcoming (Aug 19th) group installation art show. The show is titled 'What moves you?' and the theme for the show is transportation.

The project begins with sending out a call to action throughout Orlando asking for used and unwanted bicycles and bike parts to be dropped-off at various locations around... Orlando, one of which is the Stardust Video and Coffee bike rack.

The project will then be installed in to the City Arts Factory as a defacto bike kitchen where bicycles will be piled and worked on for the duration of the show. Volunteers will sign up for shop hours, workshops will be hosted for people to learn how to repair their bikes, and finished complete bikes will be painted orange and given to communities in need.

Ideally this project will continue outside of the gallery setting and transition to a permanent centrally located space with grants, yearly memberships and low cost complete bike builds.

I am currently looking for old bikes, volunteers, and bike related tools.

Feel free to contact if you can help out in any way.