May 25, 2011

Metro Orlando tops list of most dangerous communities for pedestrians

Metro Orlando is ranked as the most dangerous city in the nation for pedestrian deaths again!

We would like to blame the tourist because they are lost or believe we just spend more time outdoors.  But, are we really just plain not paying attention?  Are we ignoring stop signs, and blaming it on the officials for not taking care of the roads?

We need to start looking out for ourselves.  Make sure we are alert and defensive and don't blame the other guy.

Lights!  Both front and back are not just necessary they are the law!

Maintain your bicycle!  If you don't take care of it, how can it take care of you?

Headphones!  Don't wear them!  How can you hear a car horn?

Sunglasses!  Keep dirt and sun out of eyes!

Helmet!  Do I really have to explain?  Buy one!!!  You WILL look cool in one!!!

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