July 25, 2011

Pedal to the Paddle

Sunday August 7,2011

Join us for the first series of our "fitness Circus"

Two time slots are available and they are first come, first serve:
7am:  10-11 mile ride + 3-4 mile paddle ("Brick Training"/advance)
10am:  4-5 mile ride + 3-4 mile paddle ("Cruise Control"/beginner)

$30 introductory rate/person = board rental = bike rental*
$15 introductory rate/person = "BYOB" + bike*
$15 introductory rate/person = with own board + bike
(*All bike rentals must be "reserved/fitted"no later than 5pm Saturday August 6, 2011)

For More Info Click Here

Click here for 7am meetup

Click here for 10am meetup