December 4, 2011

Bike Ray

BikeRay-II disperses the light in a wider beam for better peripheral and ground vision which is suited perfectly for off-road riding, commuters and family riding.

Available colors: RED / BLACK


  • ·         Light housing are made with CNC machined and HAIII hard anodized aircraft Aluminum housing.
    ·         SSC P7 bulb with a special “D” bin (Super white color temperature of 5800K)
    ·         Industry leading  7.4V/5.2 Amp battery pack affords more than 200 minutes (3.5+ hours) burning time at high mode and 16 hours at low mode.

    *    Active Temperature Management is an added fail-safe under/over voltage protection to further protect your BikeRay light from overheating. This feature will automatically lower the intensity of the light in the event of overeating to protect the LED and other electronics components. 
    ·         Bike Ray Lights have heat-sink improvements on the drive board, which keeps it extremely well cooled, allowing the LED to run at its peak brightness in all conditions at all times.
    ·         Electronic capacity control and visual battery status indicator

    ü  Green:  100% to 50%   Battery Power
    ü  Blue 50% to 20%      Battery Power
    ü  Red:  20% to 0%        Battery Power 

    **   Driver board: the overheat protection controller automatically goes from high to low light, to minimize possible damage to LED.

    ·         Brightness: 900 lumens (Seoul Semi Conductor Z-Power series P-7) Click HERE
    ·         LED life: 50,000hours
    ·         Charger with protection board
    ·         Lighting mode: Hi>Low>SOS>(3second off at any mode)
    ·         Charging time: 4 hours
    ·         Burning time: 3.5+ hours at boost mode (Average)
    ·         Weight: 12 Grams
    ·         Size: Φ43.55mm