July 12, 2013

Operation Restored Warrior Ride

The mission of Operation Restored Warrior is to rescue, rebuild, and restore what was lost and stolen from our warriors lives.
We are dedicated to impart tangible, irreversible change in the hearts and minds of the military warrior in every role that they find themselves – as leaders, followers, husbands, fathers, sons, and friends. To invest in them so that they may live a life which flows from a deep heart that is being awakened, restored, and released in order that they may find their place in the front lines of life once again and to live the life that God alone has called them to. This involves a willingness and courage to speak. To speak to the man who is wounded in the battle of war and life, to the man who has lost hope, to the man who does not believe there is a life out there worth fighting for or that he himself is not worth fighting for. Our mission is to raise up these wounded warriors to speak, share, and move with courage and certainty in order that those held captive to their life experiences may be released. Those men who are alone and without hope may receive a new expectation. Those whose life has been impacted deeply will be the new army to reach those whose lives are yet to be transformed. So they must be given the opportunity and the place to heal. Their own life experiences will be the script, their stories the power, their restored hearts the evidence of things possible. Our focus is to help heal, restore and release these wounded warriors who are suffering from the effects of PTSD and to validate their incredible sacrifices and set them free to rescue others by the power of their own stories. We are so grateful for our affiliations with the US military chaplains and all the military men and women serving our country around the world.

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