June 12, 2017

Pinkbike Praises "Fast and Nimble" Trance Advanced!

Pinkbike.com published a new feature on the 2017 Trance Advanced, claiming the modern trail bike with a composite mainframe and 140mm of Maestro suspension “showcases what Giant does best.”
In his review, Pinkbike editor Richard Cunningham talks about the mountain biking culture at Giant USA’s Southern California headquarters, and how that passion helps to create bikes like the Trance Advanced.

You’ll be hard pressed to find fitter or better bike handlers,” Cunningham writes. “Here, where climbs are sustained, the soil is sketchy, and speeds range from switchback survival to eye-watering ridgeline descents, the Trance is their weapon of choice. These are the men and women whose job it is to mix it up with Giant’s pro athletes and develop their next enduro, downhill and cross-country race bikes, so it should come as no surprise that the crew regularly updates their favorite trail bike with lessons learned on the professional racing circuit. So, the Trance Advanced is literally Giant’s personal ride, made available to the public.” 

Cunningham details all the latest advancements to this year’s Trance Advanced, including reworked frame geometry and updated Maestro suspension with a new Trunnion mount shock and Advanced Forged Composite upper rocker arm. And he describes how all these features improve its performance on the trail.

“It’s fast, it feels nimble in the turns, it has a certain lightness to it,” Cunningham writes. “At speed, when the Trance’s suspension is pushed to the limits, the bike naturally floats off the backsides of tree-root gnarls, off-angle rocks and undulations in the trail.”
Summing it up, Cunningham writes: “The reason it works so well is that they built it for themselves, to blaze trails, try foolish things, and to chase each other around the backcountry—which happens to be exactly what most of us live for.”
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